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Expert Grooming Service

Grooming a Westie requires a lot of love, patience, special equipment, and time. This is not a job you want to take on, unless you are prepared to make mistakes. Granted, it's only fur and will grow back, but if you want your Westie to look its best, make an appointment at Balinbrae Ranch. We'll make your pet Westie look beautiful, whether for a special occasion, or just “because.” To make an appointment, please call 623.465.4303, or send us an email.

Balinbrae Westies accepts all major credit cards and Paypal.

Major credit cards accepted

Groom $75.00 (includes nail trim)
Bath & blow dry $30.00
Nail trim $10.00
Stripping (fee to be determined at time of service)

Westies are very smart. They can fidget and frustrate you if they don't want to be groomed. So take your Westie to Balinbrae Westie Ranch, where you can be assured of Nora's loving touch and years of experience with the breed. And if you do decide this is something you want to try yourself, you can purchase one of our hand-picked professional grooming kits in the store.

Before and After

This adorable Westie was a rescue in a need of a good grooming.Yes, this is the same dog!

Boarding - $35 per night

If you have an important business trip or vacation coming up, we can take care of your Westie. We've got plenty of kennel space and amenities, including:

  • Air-conditioned boarding quarters with music and television.
  • Green grass to roll over on.
  • Squeeky toys, beds, blankets, and treats.
  • Roomy dog runs and separate sleeping pens.

Our facilities are super clean and comfortable. We guarantee you'll be thrilled, and most importantly, your beloved Westie will want to visit often. Arrange a stay at Balinbrae. Contact Nora at 623.465.4303, or send an email to

Happy Clients...

Catherine Zeta Jones

Every single article I read on the upkeep of West Highland White Terriers stressed that finding the right groomer was the number one essentiality in the overall well-being of the dog. Well, Nora is the not only the right groomer, but the very best there is. Nora has the know-how, patience, ability, and the love to make even a "wreck" like our little Zeta (pictured on right) look like a champion when we pick her up from her grooming.

My only wish is that Nora would take up “people” grooming~so I would look so good!! Going for the grooming at Balinbrae is the highlight of both my and Zeta's month and when we need to board Zeta it is the only place I will ever consider!

“Peachie” Manville
Peoria, Arizona

I can't tell you how happy we are with the purchase of our 3 new beautiful handmade harnesses from Balinbrae Westies. They are absolutely stunning, so soft and comfortable on the inside and each one so unique. All three of my Westies get extremely excited when I get out the harness and take them out on the town. Everywhere we go, I am always asked where I got them. Thanks so much for offering such beautiful and fun things for our stylish clan!

Sue Bowman, de la Tierra Westies