Balinbrae westies. like no other westies in the world.

picture of Bruiser at the big show.

Ruffian starts 2017 with a groom.

Balinbrae Westies are beautiful West Highland White Terriers with excellent temperaments. This site is devoted to our Westies, both pets and champion show dogs, bred, fed, loved, and raised by Nora Balin Stone of Carefree, Arizona.

We've raised 31 champions. Our beloved Westie "Bruiser" won Best of Breed two years in a row at the famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Over the years, Balinbrae Westies have appeared on magazine covers, on candy bars, wine bottles, and even in advertisements for major retailers.

Balinbrae Ranch offers boarding and grooming services primarily for Westies, although we do board a few other small to medium breeds. Additionally, we can provide advice and care for your Westie puppy

We are known for our excellent grooming. Check out these "models" who came to the ranch for a visit:

Shiro before and after

Casper before and after

We are constantly updating our Westie Gallery. so if you have a picture of your Balinbrae Westie, please email it to us with a caption, and we'll add it. Check out one of our most popular website features: "Ask Ruffian". It's a Q & A column featuring our lovable and enthusiastic Ruffian. We've set Ruffy up with a new address:, so drop him a line if you have a question about Westies (or life in general). Ruffian loves to get mail. Here's a recent pic from his birthday party:


We thank you for visiting. Come back often for fun and surprises. Don't forget to refresh your bowser, er... "browser," and delete your "cookies" ...except for the ones you give out to your westie at snack time ; )

THANK YOU for your support over all these years.

Nora Balin Stone

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